Student Athlete Feature: Ranza Rominger

 Ranza Rominger

 What is your favorite part about basketball?

Shooting the ball.

  Who was the toughest team you faced so far this year?

 West Washington.

 What professional player or team do you look up to the most?

 Los Angeles Clippers, Chris Paul

 What are your strengths in basketball?

Being small and quick.

  What are your weaknesses?

 I am slow.

 What high school player do you look up to the most?

Lee Wroblewski because he is good and a smart player.

  What do you plan to do in the offseason to make yourself better?

 I plan to practice a lot.

 Besides you, who is a player on the team that you really appreciate or enjoy playing with?

Wyatt Wethington

Feature by Ethan Wells

Photo by Bre Daugherty