Dotts’ Blog: The struggle of a high school relationship

People go through relationships all through their high school years. That being said, the more serious the relationship is the more problems that can occur along the way.

I have been in a strong relationship with senior JD Ellis for a little over 11 months but I have known him for over a year. So you get the idea that we’re pretty close. For someone like me, I have to deal with the fact that JD is graduating high school in the late spring, while I still have three years left of high school. I personally still have to figure out how I’m going to handle it and someone else might be wondering what problems this might cause for us.

JD and I have talked about this multiple times, and we know it could potentially cause problems with our relationship. Being in a relationship alone can cause problems but having to deal with him leaving high school is something totally new to me. And it’s probably going to take some hard work to make sure our relationship doesn’t fall apart. We text all the time anyways, so I’m assuming that will still be a part of our relationship and how we stay in contact. I don’t have my license yet and because of personal problems, neither does JD. So we can only see each other during the school hours and when our parents make time for us to hang out.

Someone in my position may be really worried or scared for the sake of their relationship. I’m worried that the distance and the lack of not seeing each other are going to cause problems for our relationship. I’m also scared, and possibly a tad jealous, that maybe he’ll get out in the “real” world, and find someone older and that will end our relationship. And on his part, I’m sure he’s worried I’ll leave him for someone who is still in school (I would never do that but I totally understand his concerns).

As for someone else who is going through this sort of situation, I can only tell you that as long as you and your partner have a good trust bond, stay faithful and try to stay in contact; your relationship should stay healthy. But don’t freak out when this sort of situation does cause problems because what do you really expect? Maybe this will be a time for you to realize whether the relationship is worth it or not.

Blog by Brooklyn Dotts