Minton leads with a scream

Photo by Breanna Daugherty

Senior Blake Minton is an average, every day teen. Most people however, do not know that he is part of a band. Minton, graduate Teavin Ewin, junior Kirk Blevins, junior Jonathan Cook, graduate Billy Watson and graduate Max Larkin are all part of the band named As Burdens Fade.

In the band, Ewin and Minton perform vocals, Watson plays the bass guitar, Cook and Blevins play the guitar, and Larkin plays the drums.

“There is no actual leader because if there was, no one would get along. There are however, two front men which are Teavin and I,” said Minton.

Minton’s band has been together off and on for the past year, but as an official band, they have been together for about three months. Minton’s band plays post-hardcore, metal core and a little techno music.

Being a part of a band is not all fun and games. With a band there are certain responsibilities that a person has. As Burdens Fade has to do things like pay for gas, the PA system, fix guitar strings that break and all of the equipment that they need to put on a successful show.

“Bass guitar player Billy Watson is like the father of our band and he won’t let us pay for anything,” said Minton.

The band will be recording a couple of demo tracks soon. Although they have not actually preformed anywhere yet, they do have a show coming up this summer at a music concert venue called The Gear in Franklin, Indiana. After their show at The Gear, the band plans to continue performing at different places. People can stay updated on where they will be playing and how the band is doing by liking them through Facebook. Minton said that after he graduated high school this year he plans to continue being a part of As Burdens Fade.
“It is so much fun hanging out with a group of great friends and making music,” said Minton.

Story by Bailey Rankin