Graham’s Movie Review: Mirror Mirror

We all have something that reminds us of a simpler time, when life’s biggest problems were deciding what cereal to have for breakfast and what games to play at recess. Even the smallest reminder of something so sentimental can trigger a million different memories and emotions. For some, it may be an old teddy bear they used to sleep with, or a cartoon they used to watch every morning before school. For me, however, it is Disney movies. So, when a new version of the classic Disney princess movie, Snow White, came out in theaters, naturally I was excited.

Mirror Mirror, starring Julia Roberts and Lily Collins, premiered on March 30. It was rated PG, directed by Tarsem Singh, and lasted 106 minutes. In this updated version, Roberts plays the wicked queen who has taken over the kingdom after the passing of her husband. Snow White, played by Collins, is forced to live in exile for most of her life. However, on her eighteenth birthday, Snow White discovers the damage the queen has done, and must fight for her right to the throne.

While the plot of this movie differs somewhat from the original, I was still very pleased with it. The important aspects, such as Snow White’s camaraderie with the seven dwarves, her courage in standing up against the queen and her love for the Prince are all intact, with a little humor and quirkiness thrown into the mix. With a diverse plot of comedy, romance, drama and action, this movie has something for everyone.

Review Alyson Graham