Walker’s book review: Catching Fire

The book, Catching Fire, is written by Suzanne Collins and is the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy. It still follows the story of Katniss and Peeta, but it is the aftermath of the 74th Hunger Games. Katniss and Peeta are now living in the Victors Village (where Hunger Games victors live) and are begging to go on their victory tour. While on it, they learn that there is a possible rebellion that could take place within the country against the main city, The Capital. Katniss and Peeta’s town gets new leaders and becomes stricter because of this rebellion. A few weeks later, Katniss and her family watch to see what kind of games will occur this year, since this is the 75th games and they do some twist on the games every 25 years. Katniss then realizes that a big change is about to happen in her life.

I absolutely loved this book. It continued the story of the first book so well. Since the first book was all about the games and Katniss’ and Peeta’s journey to the games, I did not know how the author was going to interrupt that into the second book, but she did it so well. I also liked how she exposed the truth behind The Capital and their main concern in the second book.

One of the things that I did not like about this book was that its beginning kind of dragged on. When you read a book and are excepting excitement and action, and the begging is just about Katniss’ and Peeta’s new life, it drags. Do not get me wrong, I think that doing this was crucial to what is later to come in the book, but nothing really exciting happens until the later chapters, unlike the first book.

Catching Fire was the perfect sequel to The Hunger Games. It was a little boring in the beginning, but the rest of the book made up for that. I recommend anyone who has read the first book to read the second one, and I do not doubt that they will. Catching Fire is an awesome book and is worth the money and time you will spend on it.

 Review by Emma Walker