Paolite Staff Editorial

‘Off campus lunch.’ To most students who hear this, their definition is: ‘You get to leave for lunch and you have to be back before class starts.’ Some schools in the area offer their students this privilege.

PHS does not. But why not?

According to Principal Casey Brewster, there are several issues and disadvantages of having lunch off campus. Safety, time management, supervision and attendance are just some of the issues associated with having an off campus lunch.

We at the Paolite believe that PHS should offer an off campus lunch for several reasons. Freedom and choices of different lunch are only two reasons why the majority of us believe off campus lunch would be nice to have. We believe that students would enjoy their lunch better if they were given the privilege to leave school grounds for lunch.

On the other hand, we the minority believe that having an off campus lunch is not a good idea and would cause trouble among the students. We believe that students, several at that, would take advantage of the privilege and get in trouble. We believe that attendance also would be affected. Students would be late coming back to class and if anything, not even come back to school after lunch. We believe that students would use excuses to try to get out of being tardy.

The majority of us at the Paolite believe the idea of off campus lunch could be a good idea. We believe off campus lunch could give a student more freedom and different options of lunch choices. We believe that if students were given the privilege to have lunch off campus they would do better in school with making decisions.