The Lost River Career Co-op Expanding

The Lost River Career Co-op Expanding

The Lost River Career Co-op is growing.

Lost River director Kevin Knies and instructor Jon Shellenberger presented a quote for $4,290.10 to the school board that will be used to build an outdoor pavilion. The outdoor classroom will give the students a place to work on large projects, such as gazebos, storage buildings and other projects.

“It will also allow for students to have the space they need to work on individual projects, construction tool proficiencies, and hands-on learning experiences,” said Shellenberger.

The Introduction to Construction and Construction Technology I classes will provide all labor for the project.

The students will be using skills such as working with concrete, pole framing, roof framing, roof coverings and drainage and landscaping. They will also have various learning experiences in construction math and safety.

The project will start with the students laying down concrete for the base. After that, they will pole frame the area. After pole framing, the students will then begin framing the roof. Once that is complete, they will deal with roof coverings. Finally, the students will handle the drainage and landscaping for the new outdoor classroom.

It will be open-sided, meaning it will have no walls. It is supported by posts in the four corners, and it has a roof for keeping the inside dry.

This new pavilion will also be available to other activities. It will be available for summer use by baseball and/or band participants and spectators.

Shellenberger spoke about how he thinks the students will benefit from this project.

“I think it will be a great learning experience for the students, and will give them a great sense of pride and ownership in the program and facility.”

The outdoor pavilion should be finished by the end of October.

News Coverage by Ron Compton