Student Athlete Feature: Jeff Kenney



Jeff Kenney is a sophomore at PHS and is a member of the varsity tennis team.

 What is your favorite thing about tennis?

Being able to outwit your opponent and make them run for the ball.

 When did you start to play tennis?

 Ninth grade.             

 Who is your toughest opponent?

 Gage Kinies.

What is your weakest skill in tennis?

 Playing net.

Do you ever get nerves before a match?

 Never, I love to play tennis.

What is your strongest skill in tennis?

Ground strokes and my speed.

Where is your favorite place to play?

At home.

 Who is your favorite opponent?

 Logan Cook, but team-wise is Dubois.

 Do you plan on playing in the future?

Oh yeah.

Feature by Kristan Cole

Photo by Breanna Daugherty