Pigg’s Passion for Fashion: Easy Hairstyles

Piggs Passion for Fashion: Easy Hairstyles

Easy Hairstyles

Having a variety of hairstyles for everyday of the week is important to me.  Here are some different hairstyles you should consider.

1)     The “Bump”

How to: Take almost half of your hair, tease it and then use bobby pins to secure it.  Top it off with a fair amount of hairspray so the style lasts all day long.


2)     Sock bun

How to: Running late?  This hairstyle is quick and simple. Take a sock and cut the bottom off near the toes.  Roll it up so it looks like a doughnut.  Put your hair in a high pony tail and fold the sock around the pony.  Use bobby pins to secure the loose pieces of hair.


3)     Average Pony

How to: Tease the front of your hair (near bangs) then throw it back in a low pony.  This creates a simple, yet cute look for a lazy day.


4)     Messy Braid

How to: Braid your hair to the side.  Pull pieces out of the braid to get a messier look.


5)     Sleek and Shine

How to: As you blow dry your hair, use a comb to rake through the strands of hair.  By the time you are finished, your hair will have a shiny look.

Blog and Photos by Taylor Pigg