Bostock Shares Opinion About NFL

Bostock Shares Opinion About NFL

Every Sunday, I sit and watch NFL football for hours on end. Most times, I only watch the games to waste time until I get to watch my New York Giants play. I do watch some games though, for other reasons. My fantasy football league, which is only four people, really intrigues me.

Fantasy football is football for the people who can only watch. It involves a draft, in which members of a league pick players, and place them on a team of their own. These teams then play against other teams in the league each week, and play for the league’s title, and division title. If players on a team are injured, a “coach” may trade, or add a player to his roster. Points are offensively scored when players score touchdowns and for how many total yards of offense the player accounts for. Defensively points are scored by interceptions, sacks and pass completions.

First off, the league didn’t go as planned that day. The day we were supposed to draft, no one was prepared, and the league we originally had planned wouldn’t allow us (a group of my fellow fantasy footballers) to draft. It ended up though, the back-up league we had set up went ahead and auto drafted from the four people in our league. Not knowing this I was quite surprised to see a very well-rounded group of talent.

I then proceeded to see that I was probably the best team in our league. TEAMBOSTOCK (my team’s name) was primed and ready for action.

After week one though, I noticed that I was in dire need of a quarterback. Cam Newton, who I thought might be the elite quarterback he can be, sucked. However, I was impressed by rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III, who was available. I immediately dropped Newton and added RG3 to my roster, which was the smartest choice I’ve made.

I also decided to pick up the Houston Texans’s defense, which happens to be one of the best defenses in the league. I already had Ray Rice from Baltimore, and Calvin Johnson from Detroit, both of which are scoring massive points in their respected categories. I also picked up Frank Gore and Vernon Davis from San Francisco, and both of them are scoring huge numbers.

Overall, my team has done pretty well; I am 5-3 with a pretty good team behind me. The only problem I have ever faced, is not paying attention to my roster and having players on bye weeks. (I blame my three loses because of players on bye weeks) Nevertheless I will win my division, and become league champion because, ALL I DO IS WIN.


Blog by Ian Bostock