Soup’s on Me: Kerley Recounts How a Bully Changes Her Life with Chicken Noodles

Soups on Me: Kerley Recounts How a Bully Changes Her Life with Chicken Noodles

I stood up, not exactly sure what had just happened.

I had noodles falling from my hair to the floor. The cafeteria grew still. I heard the random snickers and whispers surrounding me. Everyone wondered what I was going to do as I was standing face to face with the female upperclassman that had dumped a bowl of hot chicken noodle soup over my head.

I started putting scenarios together and could only assume she was the girlfriend of the quarterback I had just run into across the hall.

It was my first week of high school and meeting new people was exciting and talking to him in the hallway didn’t seem to be an action that deserved a bowl of soup to the head. During the rest of my high school experience I continued to deal with the bullying and harassment of jealous girls and catty friendships. Soup was only the beginning.

But I loved school, and I chose to focus on the wonderfully positive things I did have in my life. I began to get very involved in extracurricular activities, clubs, sports and volunteer projects. Although it wasn’t okay and those students did not have a right to treat me the way they did, I didn’t let it destroy me or define who I was.

I did not let them control my emotions or ruin my day.

Instead, I chose to go to college and pursue a career in guidance counseling. And now I sit here as your guidance counselor in a position where I understand how you feel if someone does or says something negative to you and I have chosen to use my experience for good. Experiences I had in school formed my decision to pursue counseling.

When I applied for the job I have today I attached a copy of my soup story to my resume and application as a cover letter. I don’t know for sure if that is what got me the job I have today, but I know my experiences helped to  guide me into the career I love.

Story by Guidance Counselor Brandi Kerley