You Say…

You Say...

“I think that PHS could prevent bullying by making a Facebook page and monitoring the student’s posts. And if you find any bad remarks, you can have the bully reported.”
•Seventh grader
Lyla Dickey


“I think that PHS could prevent bullying by making sure that the teachers and students are aware of who the bullies and victims are and how to get the bullies to stop taunting those victims.”
•Seventh grader
Hunter Hamilton


“The teachers should pay more attention to who the bullies are and make sure that they’re not picking on others.”
•Eighth grader Kaleb Mousty


“The staff should pay more attention to what is going on during passing periods and such when the bullying is taking place.”
Sierra Latimer

“PHS could prevent bullying by keeping students more aware of what bullying is and how to prevent it and how to stop it.”
Connor Blair

“I think that PHS could prevent bullying by giving the bullies the discipline of getting kicked out of school for picking on others.”
Jody Clements

“I think that the students should be respectful to others. Bullying leads to very upsetting things such as suicide. People should start standing up for each other instead of making fun of each other.”
Kiana Simpson

“The teachers should let the bullies know how making fun of someone hurts and that they should not do that to others.”
Sylvia Coe

“The school should set up a club that allows teachers and students to talk and help each other out with their bully problems.”
Aaron Key

Info by Morgan Dotts