A Senior Speaks…(about the holidays)

A Senior Speaks...(about the holidays)

The holiday season has always been my favorite time of year. I love the cold weather and the amount of time I get to spend with family and friends.

I have always had an understanding of what the holidays meant but I can officially say that I fully understand the concept of the holiday. My family celebrates Thanksgiving with my grandparents and each year we go around the dining room table, we say for what we are thankful.

I have felt something I have never felt before while thinking about this Thanksgiving. I am thankful that I have a right to an education. I am thankful that I am healthy. I have family and friends that love me and I am beyond thankful. I am thankful for my school as well as my teachers. All of these things might seem very generic but they are all true. It took me 18 years to realize the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

As for Christmas, I have always understood why we celebrate Christmas. I come from a big family with not a lot of money. I’m not saying that I did not receive presents when I was younger because I did. This year I have asked my parents, grandparents and other people that would probably end up getting me a gift to instead buy something for a child that will not receive presents. This might also seem generic but I have never been a fan of receiving gifts. I always feel like the center of the attention and I hate that. I love buying gifts for others and if I had the money, I would purchase gifts for all of the less fortunate kids.

I hope that this year all kids receive a gift but more importantly, they remember to be thankful for what they have.

Blog by Shelby Waynick