Dillard’s Senior Year with Cheer Family



With the success of the Rams athletic teams, there are a group of girls who help them work their way to the top.  Senior Shanna Dillard enjoys cheering on the different teams.

Senior Shanna Dillard started her first year of cheer this season. That’s right, Dillard, a senior, is just starting her cheerleading career this year.

“All of my friends were asking me to, and I have always wanted to cheer,” said Dillard. She also decided to cheer this year because she wanted to be included in at least one activity her senior year.

While most girls like the physical appearance of the uniform and the screaming and shouting, Dillard thinks cheerleading is much more than that.

“Being a family as a cheer squad and making many memories is my favorite part about cheer,” said Dillard.

During any sport or activity, there are always goals that are set for the season, cheerleading is no different.

“Staying together as a family and having a great cheer season is my main goal for this year,” said Dillard.

Dillard has had so much to learn as a cheerleader.

“I learned to be a successful cheer squad, we have to get along with others and stay close as a family,” said Dillard.

Dillard does not plan on cheering in the near future, but has learned so much and has had a great cheer season so far.

Photos by Breanna Daugherty, Mug by Morgan Dotts, Story by Taylor Pigg