For Country: Three seniors put aside fears to join in military ranks next year

Deciding a future can be a tough decision for many people. Whether to go to college, or go straight into the work field is a tough decision for many graduating seniors.

For others, the decision can go beyond money and schooling.

Some seniors decide that going into a military branch is the right choice for them. Some seniors at PHS have made the choice to protect their country, and become Americans that people look to in times of trouble.

Guidance Counselor Brandon Crowder has some simple steps to help students who are interested in joining the military.

“I first put students in contact with the recruiter for whichever branch interests them,” said Crowder. “In most cases, most students have already spoken and been in contact with a recruiter through lunch visits, college fair, etc.”

Crowder then allows students to better their chances with the ASVAB test.

“The next step is for the student to take the ASVAB, which is required for any branch,” said Crowder. “If students are eligible from ASVAB scores and current high school progress they can then join.”

If the student meets all requirements, then he or she can become a member of their desired branch.

“If they wish to sign a letter of intent and start basic training early, some programs allow students to start before their senior year,” said Crowder.

One of those seniors who has already committed is Jon Clark. Clark has no plans of going to college, but does plan on joining the National Guard.

Clark does have fears in the military, being a young soldier can be frightening.

“It’s scary,” said Clark. “I don’t want to die yet.”

Another senior who plans on joining a branch of the military is Tyler Apple.

Apple plans on joining the Air Force and has already started his journey.

Since Apple has already enlisted, he also has been assigned a date for basic training deployment.

“I leave sometime in the middle of July,” said Apple.

Apple, will have to overcome some obstacles to be a member of the Air Force.

“Since I am color blind, I will not be able to pilot planes,” said Apple. “I will be able to operate Predator and Reaper missiles though.”

Apple and his family both share the amount of concern with his choice of the future.

Senior CJ Andry will also be joining a branch of the military. Andry plans on joining the Army.

“I enlisted on October 25, 2012,” said Andry.

Andry has already got a specific job type, and can be very important in future wars.

“I will be a part of the infantrymen; so I fight and carry a rifle,” said Andry.

Andry departs from home sooner than the other seniors that have been mentioned in this story.

“I leave June 11, 2013 for basic training,” said Andry.

Even though his family supports him, there are still some fears.

“My family has always supported my choice; they are scared, but they support me,” said Andry.

The military is a lot more than guns and violence. It is a decision that can affect a person’s life. Protecting the country we call home is more than just a duty, it is a life choice.

Many people cannot see themselves fighting for something that seems free to us, but for these seniors joining their defined branches it is going to be something they will be remembered for.

Story by Ian Bostock