Army Bound

Senior Brittany Mendenhall signed with an Army recruiter last week and has commited part of her life to serving her country.

Q: Why join?
A: My dad was in the Army and I just think it would be really good for me. The army is really cool to learn about and will make a good career.

Q: What do your parents think about it?
A: They are really supportive but my mom does not want me to go.

Q: What will you go to school for after?
A: I will go to school after AIT training. After training I will take online classes for elementary education.

Q: What fears do you have?
A: Probably going overseas.

Q: How long is basic training?
A: My basic training will be for 8 or 9 weeks.

Q: When will you leave for basic training?
A: I will most likely leave at the beginning of June.