Give More: Staff Ed

Throughout the year, PHS holds several events that work to help our community. Donating canned goods to the Food Pantry, donating money and spending service hours are just some of the activities PHS students serve their time doing.

All of us at the Paolite believe the Paoli Food Pantry is doing good for the community. We believe it is helping the problem of hunger for families in need of food. Not many people realize how greatly families appreciate the Food Pantry and those who donate to it. Our staff knows that the work of the Food Pantry is making a difference.

All of us at the Paolite staff have donated canned goods to the Food Pantry at least once, through school activities and outside of school. We feel donating to the Food Pantry makes a person feel good about themselves.  Unfortunately we feel that students typically just donate when asked through school, and more of us should make it a habit to donate whenever we aren’t asked.

The staff believes that if students donate canned goods to the Food Pantry it could motivate them to do other forms of community service, whether that be donating money or their time. We also believe that PHS should hold more events sponsored to help the community because that means we are helping ourselves.

We believe that the Food Pantry is very helpful, and that it is very important to donate to it. We at the Paolite believe that PHS should hold more events to help our community.