Senior Feature: Jamie Benham


Many teenagers frequently choose to hold down a job while attending high school, although, some students have two jobs.

Jamie Benham is currently employed at Walmart and SuperBurger. Her job description at Walmart is a cashier and she has worked there a year halfway through her senior year.

SuperBurger requires doing dishes, cooking, cashier and cleaning. Benham began her work there the fall of her senior year.

 “The most interesting part of working at Walmart is getting to see the different people that come there to shop, meeting new people, and getting to interact with them,” said Benham.

Between the two jobs she has, one stands out.

“I would choose Walmart as my favorite because I am a lot closer to my co-workers there,” said Benham.

Benham puts in 31 hours a week working while keeping up with her classes and schoolwork.

“I am keeping my grades up besides Physics, but it is often hard to get all my schoolwork done,” said Benham.

There are disadvantages to holding down two jobs at once, but also some advantages. Benham stated that money, experience and responsibility are advantages, but some disadvantages include taking up time, back and feet pain, and growing up.

“Stress very much has an impact on my life now, and also causes loss of sleep,” said Benham.

Some things Jamie has had pushed out of her life due to working two jobs include seeing her sisters, watching TV, sleeping, having weekends, visiting her mom and free time in general.

“When I get time, I am usually hanging out with my boyfriend John,” said Benham.

Benham decided to have two jobs to make more money so she can start saving to get her own home in the future.

 “My grandma and grandpa encouraged me to work two jobs, but it was my decision in the end,” said Benham.

 Benham wants to have a career as a registered nurse, so she is not working to help her figure out what she wants to do in her future. It will though give her experience with people that she will need when going to work in a hospital.

 “I plan to continue working two jobs until I am old enough to work full-time which is in February,” said Benham.

Benham_Jamie_mug-editedStory & Photo by Sadie Kesterson