Senior Feature: Ryan Parsons

Senior Feature: Ryan Parsons


Ryan Parsons is your average high school senior ready to graduate. Many people know him but very few know that he travels on mission trips in his spare time.

Parsons attends Paoli Mennonite Fellowship and he has traveled on eight mission trips. He has always been very active in church activities and missions. He usually works on their roofs while he is there.

Parsons has been to Mississippi seven times to help the less fortunate with their homes. Parsons also traveled to Indianapolis once to help pack food for the local food bank.

“On average, around 15-20 people travel along on the mission trips,” said Parsons.

Parsons enjoys every mission.

“I like to go on missions because it is a good experience and it gives me a chance to meet new people and help the people in need,” said Parsons.

Parson’s motivation for continuing to help people comes from home.

“My family and the people in my church are my main inspiration,” said Parsons.

On his ultimate wish list is a trip to Africa to see the mission work being done there.

“I would like to take a tour, with the food resource bank and see the locals different methods of farming and help them farm because my brother went and he had a great time and learned a lot,” he said.

After graduation he plans to continue his work.

“I like to help people,” said Parsons.

The advice Parsons gives for someone who has never done this kind of work?

“Be open minded and try new things,” said Parsons.


Story by Caitlyn Cornwell; Courtesy Photo