Senior Feature: Alexis Bowles

Senior Feature: Alexis Bowles

Most people are known for being in sports, band, cheer, choir or clubs. Unfortunately the legacy for Alexis Bowles is known for having been in six car accidents.

When Bowles first got her license she found herself in several wrecks.

On Christmas Eve 2011, around 10:30 p.m., Bowles was going down a slick road a mile away from home, when she lost control of her truck and hit a tree busting all the windows in her truck, damaging the hood and transmission. After the wreck the passenger, her father, dialed 911 for help.

“As soon as the wreck happened I looked over at my dad to make sure he was okay and he did the same for me,” said Bowles.

When the ambulance arrived, Bowles and her father were taken to Paoli Hospital to get check out. When the results were in, the doctor had told Bowles’s mother that she has suffered a minor concussion, a jammed shoulder and a few cuts and bruises, while her father had a few cuts on his face.

When Bowles and her father were released, they saw her truck and realized that her truck was unfixable.

“I’m glad they were both okay but, I’m disappoint because we had just got her truck out of the shop last week even though it was not completely her fault,” said Tina, Alexis’s mom.

After being in a wreck that trashed her truck completely, Bowles became a much more careful driver on gravel.

“I have learned to not to speed and to keep my speed on a gravel road slow and steady,” said Bowles. “Out of all of my wrecks I have completely totaled a total of two cars, unless four four-wheelers count, because then I have lost count!”

When Bowles got back to her driving her parents now give her the “safe driving” speech. To this day, she still drives and is not afraid to get behind a wheel.

“I am stuck of as now riding the bus because I totaled my car. I hope to get a new one and hope to be on the road driving,” said Bowles. “I now know that I should be a careful driver and I would just like everyone to know to be a safe driver or you will get the ‘safe driving’ speech!”


Story by Morgan Dotts