Senior Feature: Ariel Nicholson

Senior Feature: Ariel Nicholson

Girls Scouts is a chance to discover fun and friendship. Senior Ariel Nicholson has learned this and a sense of responsibility because she has been in Girls Scouts for twelve years.

Like most girls who join Girl Scouts, Nicholson joined because it was something she could do with her friends.

“Girl Scouts has given me an opportunity to be more outgoing,” said Nicholson. “I’ve become friendlier because of Girl Scouts.”

Nicholson has also been to new places and met new people because of Girl Scouts.

“I have learned of a lot of inspirational people through Girl Scouts, and I met a lot of cool people while on my trip to Washington D.C.,” said Nicholson.

Girls Scouts helps young is designed to help girls prepare for the future and have fun while doing it.

“Being in Girls Scouts has taught me teamwork,” said Nicholson. “This has helped me prepare for the real world.”

Being in Girls Scouts has also been a great opportunity for Nicholson, and she has some advice for any girl interested in joining.

“Do not be afraid to go outside your comfort box, and go for it,” said Nicholson. “It’s worth it and gives girls plenty of opportunities.”

Girl Scouts gives girls chances to learn skills needed and prepare for the future. For the girls who join, being in Girls Scouts will pay off for them in the future as it has done for Nicholson.



Story by Emma Walker