Boys Varsity Tennis Beginning Their Season


The Boys Varsity Tennis team will be kicking off their season on Tuesday, August 16. This event will begin at 5 pm at Salem High School.

Sophomore Dawson Long is a vital part to the boys tennis singles event. Long has some high hopes for the upcoming season.

¨I feel like the team has a lot of potential. We just need to go out and see what we can do,¨ said Long.

Many of the boys compete for playing spots every week during practice. Competition will be shown throughout the season.

¨There is definitely some competition at practice for playing spots,¨ said Long.

The Boys Varsity Tennis team would greatly appreciate lots of support at the away match on Tuesday at Salem. Lots of home support and fans this season would also be helpful to all of the boys.

Story by Jace Ingle; Photo by Alexis Decarlo