FFA Projects


When you’re going through the lunch line or getting your salad, the thought might not occur to you that the food that you are about to eat is actually very local.

The FFA has been branching out and trying some new techniques. Last year, most of the school pork was from pigs that the students raised. The baby pigs they raised all placed high in their classes at the 4H fair. This year, the department bought back eight pigs for the school to enjoy for lunch this year. The FFA classes also learned how to make biofuel using the schools cooking oil.

FFA sponsor Cory Scott enjoyed seeing the students learn more with real world projects.

“I am very excited for the direction we are headed in this year. We are going to use the momentum from last year to help us expand our projects,” said Scott.

The students in FFA are learning more about the real world and how everything works. They are learning how to raise pork, grow lettuce and run a business. FFA has been using all these real world projects to help them problem solve.

Next up on the FFA agenda is focusing more on their website. They are also looking to expand all the projects they have started. By the end of the year, they are hoping to grow lettuce for the whole salad bar. Their main focus is getting to be one of the biggest AG programs. The piglets will be coming three weeks early on December 24.

Story by Bela Brewster