Pride of Paoli Performing “Statuesque”


As of September 3, band season has begun. The band will be showcasing their program this year titled, “Statuesque”.

Statuesque follows statues that come to life and learn what it is like to experience human emotions and thoughts. The color guard is playing the role of the statues, while the members of the marching band will occasionally be represented as statues through choreography.

Each Saturday until October 20, the Pride of Paoli will perform at a contest.

“Each week is designed to learn more of the show, to make necessary adjustments and changes, and, once we get to October, to really start ‘dialing it in,’’ or working toward perfection,” said Pride of Paoli band director Bill Laughlin.

Members are hoping to make their way to State Finals this year. The last time the Pride of Paoli made their way to finals was 2013. Laughlin likes to encourage his students that the most important part of any show is that you are having fun while performing.

“We hope that all students of Paoli have a terrific fall season, be it in sports, band, other after school activities, academics, and just about anything that goes on,” said Laughlin.

Story by Rebekah Reeves