Football Feature: Whaley Takes the Lead



Some people may not know this, but football games are won by the big boys up front. Those linemen don’t get their names in the paper for touchdowns or crazy stats, but without them, those guys in the paper would be sitting on the sideline hurt instead of scoring touchdowns. To be a lineman, you must be selfless and the ultimate team player.

Senior Tyson Whaley is the leader on the line for PHS. Being one of only two seniors on the team, Whaley also has taken the role as the leader of not only the line, but the whole team.

He plays right guard and defensive tackle. His role on the team is to keep people in line and to make sure they do everything academically and athletically to the best of their ability.

“We had a rough start to the beginning of the season,” said Whaley. “We didn’t play to the best of our abilities the first two games. Came out the third game with the right mindset and put a whoopin on them. If we come out the rest of the season with the same mindset that we had week 3, I feel like we can have a very successful season.”

As a two way starter for the Rams, Whaley has become a much better football player since he stepped into the locker room as a sophomore. Not only has he become a better player, but also a better person.

“Paoli football has made me more responsible. I know that I have to play a greater role in society than I would have when I didn’t play. I know that I have a lot of people looking up to me, and I have to set a good example for those people who I have become a role model for,” said Whaley.

Story by Garrett Vincent

Photos by Lily Thompson