Volleyball Feature: Cornwell’s Comeback



During a high schooler’s senior year, there are several things that can keep them busy. Claire Cornwell is one particular senior who stays busy in the school year by playing one sport she particularly enjoys. Volleyball has been a fun sport for her since she started eight years ago. Cornwell loves to play the game and to be with her team.

“My favorite thing about volleyball is simply playing the game,¨ said Cornwell.

She also loves having a good time on and off the court with her team. Cornwell has made the All-Conference team two years and is working hard to achieve to set that goal again this year. Being a part of the All-Conference team means being recognized by coaches of the teams in the conference and is a very good honorable thing to be a part of.

Last November, Cornwell was playing Aspire, which is a club volleyball, and came down from a hit and tore her ACL. After her injury, Cornwell is making a comeback and working her hardest to catch up to her old playing style.

“It is exciting to be back playing, but it feels like I have been playing all season,” said Cornwell.  

Cornwell is very excited for her final volleyball season to continue.

“We have a lot of talented athletes and I believe we are capable of some pretty great things if we work together,” said Cornwell.

Goals for her in the following season also include the team. A team goal she has set in her mind is to have a winning record, to win Conference, to win Sectionals and to compete in Regional. A personal goal for her would be to make All-Conference, Academic All-State and she hopes to achieve a one thousand career digs or career kills.

Story by Emma Osborn

Photos by Lily Thompson and Trinidi Turner