SADD Feature: Levi Leads Teens to Make Good Decisions



SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) is a club at PHS that brings awareness to teenagers about the dangers of making bad choices. SADD helps students and those in the community learn about the consequences of harmful actions.

For senior Leitha Levi, helping others is something that she loves to do. Being a member of SADD gives Levi the chance to do just that.

“Teenagers are a group of individuals that need awareness about the dangers of the choices that they make. As a fellow teenager, I feel compelled to help others make good decisions,” said Levi.

Levi has been in the club since her freshman year. She currently holds the position as club president. Her duties include organizing activities and leading meetings.

SADD is a club that does several educating activities, and Levi enjoys participating in all of them. The club can have an impact on everyone, even Levi. Teaching people to understand and know the potential ramifications of what they do and how it can affect them later in life is a key part of SADD.

‘‘I just like the feeling it gives me. It makes me feel complete whenever I am helping teenagers make good decisions,’’ said Levi.

SADD sponsor Summer Hudelson has watched Levi grow over the years as a member.

‘‘I will miss having Leitha next year. It has been a privilege to have her in SADD the last four years. Leitha always volunteers and is a great leader. She leads by example and shows great character,’’ said Hudelson.

Levi’s love for helping people is the reason behind her plans on becoming a nurse after high school.


Story by Avery Owens

Photos by Joni Blackburn