Makeup Feature: Pavey’s Passion for the Art of Makeup


Not too many people see others doing special effects makeup on a regular basis, but it’s everything to Senior Tyler Pavey. Pavey has developed a love for SFX (special effects) makeup over the past two years. SFX makeup is defined as prosthetic sculpting, molding and casting techniques to create cosmetic effects.  

“I was always interested in makeup and the way you could use it to turn yourself into someone or something else, it is just incredible,” said Pavey.

SFX makeup includes items such as fake blood, liquid latex or even cotton balls. Different products are used to make different makeup looks.

“SFX makeup includes things like liquid latex, cotton balls, scar wax, fake blood and paint sticks. It also offers many products you would’ve never thought you could use such as homemade gelatin and corn syrup and food coloring for fake blood,” said Pavey.

SFX makeup takes a long time to master. It took Pavey two years to be where he is now. Pavey learned all of his skills from watching videos online and practicing a ton.

“I would watch multiple videos on how to use certain products and how to create a look. I used to be terrible at beauty makeup, but after watching different videos and working a lot I can finally say I am decent at beauty,” said Pavey.

As for after high school, Pavey stated that he wants to take his makeup skills and put them to use. Pavey will attend Douglas Education Center, a SFX college in Pennsylvania to continue to improve his skills and technique. His love for the art is so strong that no matter what happens he will always do makeup, SFX or not.

Story by Sara Kesterson