Pigs Born in Ag Department


Over Christmas break, several people dedicated a lot of their time to the arrival of eight piglets. The pigs were born on December 27, and the delivery took around six hours. People who helped with the delivery of the pigs were Ag Teacher, Corey Scott, Ryan Engleking, Keeley Scott, freshman Jalyn Engleking, Dr. Bill McDonald and several others.

“Some of them are starting to pick up names, but nothing official yet. We usually wait until their personalities fill in and see what sticks,” said Scott.

Students in the AG and Animal Science classes are learning the hand on practices that are required to raise a pig. When the classes are doing a lab involving the pigs, all four animal science classes may spend the whole period with them. Sometimes the class will just do daily care, which only takes about ten minutes.

Scott is still figuring out what they are planning on doing with the pigs once they are fully grown. Because this litter is purebred herefords, they are working out the details because of their rarity and popularity.

“I would expect many of these to go on to be breeding animals, especially with the high quality of genetics,” said Scott.

The AG program has a lot of new projects and ideas they are planning on doing to expand the pork and lettuce production system.

“We are very excited about the direction our ag program is heading. The future looks to be very exciting and fun. We would like to encourage any student that enjoys innovation, creativity, hands on learning, thinking outside the box to come down for a visit and enroll in an ag class next year,” said Scott.

Scott feels this year has been better than last year, and next year is sure to be even better.

Story by Avery Owens

Photo by Madeline Dickey