First eLearning Day in the Books


On Monday the 16, PHS held their first eLearning Day. The organizers were eCoaches Heather Nichols and Aaron Hannon along with input from administration. The first eLearning Day was a trial run to see how well things would fall into place. Of course, with any new experiment there will be a complication or two along the way. The eLearning day on January 16 made up for the missed day on January 6.

“We had some issues making files available offline due to the heavy strain we placed on our wireless network on Tuesday.  There were some device issues that occurred, but most were fixed relatively easily.  There will always be issues that pop up, but if people communicate their issues right away, we can get them fixed quickly,” said Hannon.

With there being two sides to who the day affected, Johnson feels there was a difference in how the eLearning Day went for students and teachers.

“Definitely that day was easier for the students. What students did not see was that teachers have been preparing with professional development, planning and trial runs since October.  This was not a quick decision, but a well thought out event and I credit our teachers, Mrs. Nichols, and Mr. Hannon with making this first day a successful one,” said Principal Chad Johnson.

The next potential eLearning Day is held for February 20, President’s Day. If there are no more snow days between then and now, it will just be a day off of school with no eLearning to tackle.

I am looking forward to making some changes to the way teachers deliver their information to the students to make the work more user-friendly for the students, while still learning new concepts and ideas,” said Nichols.

Story by Alexis DeCarlo