Warren Ending Early to Help Sooner



Four years of high school is what most teenagers at PHS receive, year in and year out. However, for some students, this is not the case. Senior KC Warren plans to graduate at the conclusion of what would’ve been her junior year at PHS. Every year at PHS, there are a few eager juniors who choose to skip their senior year to move on to either college or their life. To be able to accomplish graduating early, one must obtain a certain amount of credits. Obtaining these credits is not much of a concern to Warren.

“I have been receiving credits throughout my entire educational career. I know I have enough credits to graduate a year before my designated graduation,” said Warren.

For the different kinds of students that select to graduate early at PHS, comes the many different reasons for leaving. These reasons might include a jump start on college, a desire for a formal education, or a want to start your life and career. Although, for Warren, it is much more than what will benefit her the most. Warren is planning to graduate early to go out into the world and give a helping hand to the millions of homeless people in our world. She plans to give care, nourishment and shelters to those who are without one.

“I have always wanted to help people who are less fortunate in our world. Getting this jump start on all of it just makes it even better,” said Warren.

Graduating early isn’t always the ideal option for most high school students. Some would like to stay all four years and graduate with their peers and classmates. However, it takes a select few to rise up to the opportunity of graduating early and coming one step closer to changing the world.

Story by Jace Ingle

Photo by Alexis DeCarlo