Reality Store


The real world can be a scary place for unprepared teens, but some preparation can help to ease some of the fear.

On March 17, there will be a “Reality Store,” and eighth graders will have the opportunity to participate in this.

At the Reality Store, eighth graders will be able to experience financial troubles they may face in the real world when they are older. They will be able to walk around to 17 different booths to discover different types of careers that are available to them according to their GPA and career preferences. To add to the careers, they will also fill out a budget sheet including the monthly costs of necessities such as food, clothing, bills and other utilities giving them a possible perspective of their lives.

“This helps students to begin thinking about their future, what kinds of careers are out there and how to set goals to get there,” said guidance counselor Brandi Kerley.

Volunteers from about 17 careers will be joining to help the eighth graders discover the importance of a good GPA and good lifestyle.

“Working hard in school and maintaining a good GPA keeps all the doors open to them to achieve their goals after high school,” said Kerley.

Story by Maggie Vincent