Pi Day


Pi Day falls on March 14 each year, and has become an unofficial way to celebrate the mathematical phrase, Pi (3.14).

Seventh grade Math teacher Jackie Bosley celebrates the special day every year with fun activities.

“We have Digits of Pi Memorization Contest, play games involving the number 3.14, sing Pi Day songs, decorate the room or hallway with something regarding the number 3.14, figure the area of our Pi(e) plate, and of course we eat Pie,” said Bosley.

The actual number for Pi is never ending, but Bosley has Pi on repeat throughout the day.

“My students definitely know about the number Pi after Pi Day. The Digits of Pi Memorization Contest helps them to realize that Pi is an irrational number. This means it is a non-terminating, non-repeating decimal number and therefore the digits of Pi go on and on. They know that the number Pi is found by dividing the Circumference of a circle by its diameter,” said Bosley.

Story by Alexis DeCarlo