Jeffersonville Band Festival


On Friday, March 10, the seventh, eighth, and ninth grade band members will be attending a band festival at Jeffersonville. There will be about 10 other bands that will also be there on that date.

“It is a concert band festival. Bands go and perform three pieces for judges that give them a score based on how well they play. Bands receive a Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Participation rating depending on how well they play. The judges also provide commentary during the performance on an mp3 recording to allow the bands to receive feedback on how to improve their performance. This is the Concert Band’s assessment for the school year,” said Band Director Ben Werne. This is not a competition among the schools. Individuals are scored on how well they do. Paoli is performing group 1 music, which has to be from a specific list of musical pieces. This is the hardest difficulty for junior high bands.

Story by Haley Owens