Pig Project at PHS


Over the past few weeks, the FFA room has received a couple of new additions for this school year. They may not walk the hallways, or have lunch in the cafeteria, but these special beings have a unique part in the teaching of Paoli agriculture students.

These pigs, Miss. Stacey, Miss. Mable, Miss Lucy and Miss Reba, have arrived at Paoli over the course of the last three weeks.

The most important part of the pig project is that it gives our schools the opportunity to eat the product that we are producing here in our building,” said Agriculture teacher Cory Scott.

The pigs are fed and taken care of by the students in Scott’s and Woolston’s AG classes. As well as taking care of the pigs’ daily feeding and other routines, the students also run tests and study the pigs very closely to learn more about their anatomy and physiology.

“It makes learning animal science easier, more fun and makes it real,” said Scott.

Story by Maggie Vincent; Photos by Alexis Decarlo

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