College Credit Enrollment Soars at PHS

Dual credit classes can be a lifesaver for students when it comes to working towards a higher education. A dual credit class is a course that counts as both high school and college credit. PHS works together with Ivy Tech Community College to make getting a head start on college possible.
“Students must meet certain criteria to be eligible for the college credits associated with each Early College course. In some cases, student must show college readiness in areas of math, reading, and writing. This college readiness can many times be shown through currently administered exams including PSAT, SAT, or ACT,” said guidance counselor Brandon Crowder. Ivy Tech also provides hassle-free testing opportunities for students, such as the ACCUPLACER.
PHS and Ivy Tech offer many courses that come with college credit. Speech, advanced U.S history, AP chemistry, finite, pre-calculus, music appreciation, Spanish 3 and AP studio art are just a few examples; however, there are 32 all together.
Ivy Tech requires testing for enrollment by November 1. This year alone, 97.8% of PHS students who took a qualifying test, such as the ACCUPLACER, qualified for college credit.
“I can only assume that the correlation between qualifying test scores and dual-credit enrollment has to do with students coming into those classes more prepared with more reading, writing and math knowledge. It is a shared success with the students for achieving this and our teachers for preparing them to do so,” said Crowder.
PHS offers a large number of college credit classes, allowing students to complete several required college classes before graduating high school. If the numbers stay at the same rate, students will be earning a total of 1,742 college credits by the end of the year. This is PHS’s highest college credit enrollment and qualifying percentage to date.

Story by Sara Kesterson