Babcock Follows Father’s Footsteps


Even as upperclassmen, a lot of students have no leads as to what career field they want to pursue. The decision can be overwhelming because after all, it is the rest of someone’s life. For senior Jacob Babcock, the choice was obvious. Ever since elementary school, Babcock has dreamed of entering the field of law enforcement.
Following in his father’s footsteps, Babcock has honed in on the idea of entering the police force. More specifically, Babcock has already decided he wants to become part of the military police for the Air Force.
“I decided to join the Air Force to gain experience in law enforcement. I will become a law enforcement officer through the military base,” said Babcock.
Signing up is the first step for enlisting in the military, and Babcock is one step ahead. Babcock officially joined the Air Force on March 14, 2017. Joining the military brings many responsibilities and duties for Babcock, so he has been preparing every day.
“I will be in security forces and have the same duties and responsibilities of a town cop, only on a military base,” said Babcock.
There are many steps to the training required for joining a branch of the military, and Babcock has already gotten involved.
“My training includes the basic military training, which is eight and a half weeks. After that, I go for a week of airmen’s training. I have also been preparing through physical training with my department in Bloomington,” said Babcock.
After preparing for almost two years, Babcock will finally be ready to start his career in the security forces next year.
“I will actually start my career in December of 2018. I will ship out in early July of 2018, and it will be six months before I get on my base,” said Babcock.
As for now, Babcock is unsure where he will be needed and is eager to learn where he will be deployed.
“Right now I do not know where I will go, and I won’t find out until I finish tech school around December,” said Babcock.
Joining the military is a big change and is hard on both the individual and their loved ones. The journey comes with mixed emotions, but Babcock is excited to start his new life serving our country.

Story by Hunter Hamilton