Golf Senior Lowe


Senior Allie Lowe is one of the two seniors on the girls golf team this year. Lowe began playing golf as a freshman. After Lowe chose not to continue with volleyball, she was trying to find another sport to play. Fellow senior teammate Callie Baker asked her dad show Lowe how to play so she could join the team.  When Lowe began playing, she played one of the last spots on the golf team, but now she has the honor of playing number two.
Lowe really likes how golf is an individual sport and how it makes you own up to your mistakes. She does not like how she gets in her head and becomes upset about a bad stroke or meet.
“Golf has shown me that you can’t blame your mistakes on other people, I have to own up to them,” said Lowe.
Golf does not take up a huge amount of time. She focuses when she needs to, but still has plenty of time to support her friends at their sports events. It’s all about prioritizing.
“You need a lot of self motivation, so if you don’t, then golf is not for you,” said Lowe.
Lowe’s goal for the season was to shoot in the low 50s or high 40s, and she successfully reached that goal at the Springs Valley match. She shot a 51 there and a 47 at practice at Paoli, which is really good for her.
Like most activities, time often improves an athlete’s skills in a sport.
“Golf is definitely a sport you have to stick with. There will always be good and bad matches or shots, but if you can get through the worst of it, the good that comes is amazing,” said Lowe.
When Lowe leaves high school, she is not going to continue to pursue her golf career.
“She has shown improvement each of the years that I had her. She was a sophomore when I first took over the girls golf program, and along with Callie [Baker], she has shown great leadership, has worked hard to improve her golf game and has been a pleasure to coach. Allie was named as an Academic All-State Honorable Mention this past season, so she has shown hard work in the classroom also and is a role model as a scholar athlete,” said varsity girls golf coach Brad Bledsoe.

Story by Haley Owens