Engleking: Girl’s Golf Sophomore


At PHS, a lot of people may not realize there is a girl’s golf team. Sophomore Jalyn Engleking has been playing golf for about two years now and has been pretty successful, along with the rest of the team. Engleking started playing golf last year as a freshman. Engleking had not considered playing golf until one day when she was out in her yard playing with her brother’s clubs. She hit a ball really far and decided to try out golf, Engleking has had a lot of fun with it so far.
To improve her golf game, Engleking has spent time getting out and playing. She also went to a golf camp this past summer and took lessons with former golf coach Mike Kerby.
Engleking’s favorite thing about golf is getting the chance to play with people from other schools. Although she enjoys golf, the late nights can be pretty rough, especially when she has a lot of homework.
This year, the team got to play in meets at various courses. Engleking’s favorite course to play is Lucas Oil in English.
Engleking’s goal for the season was to shoot high 40s or low 50s. Engleking finished the season with an average of 60.8, which was a big improvement from last year. Her biggest accomplishment was getting to play as number 3 most of the season.
“This is good for me because I played 5th and 6th place most of the season last year,” said Engleking.
Many memories were made throughout the season this year. Engleking’s favorite memory is of the team singing and dancing on the way to meets.
Engleking feels she finished the season off very well.
“Sectional went well for me, and I think the team did pretty well overall too,” said Engleking.
Girls golf coach Brad Bledsoe has seen a lot of the hard work and effort Engleking has put into her game.
“I have seen a lot of improvement from Jalyn from last season to this one. I was very proud of her effort in the Sectional,” said Bledsoe.
Engleking plans to play all through high school and continue to play in her free time after she graduates. There is a possibility Engleking will play golf in college as well.

Story by Avery Owens