Basketball Sophomore Cunningham


Sophomore Madison Cunningham has been playing basketball for 6 years. Playing mainly as a guard, she knows the mental toughness and physical capacity needed to compete with other teams.
“My favorite thing about basketball is the experience that I get to have in front of everyone, the memories and the life lessons it teaches me,” said Cunningham.
Basketball for Cunningham is always competitive. Each day in practice helps her increase the skills she needs to be a guard, but it is not easy. With the right mindset and focus on the court, competition is a cakewalk.
She looks up to people who she always watched growing up. Role models help push Cunningham and motivate her to become a better athlete.
“Morgan Kingston and Sophie Sears inspire me because no matter the circumstances, they always gave everything they had to the game. They were able to walk through PHS as some of the best girls basketball players and hold records of our school now,” said Cunningham.
The team is striving to achieve PLAC champion and go back to defeat Eastern Pekin for Sectional. Cunningham knows the team has a lot of talent and can do whatever they set their minds to. She hopes to bring home a state title for the season.
“I hope that we work as a team and achieve the most that we can. We just have to work together and make each other better every day,” said Cunningham.
Outside of the sport, players may or may not be friends with their teammates. However, everyone needs to get along and work together. Teamwork makes the dream work, and all it takes is having confidence in yourself and your teammates on the court.
“As a friend and a teammate, Madison really pushes herself, and it shows when she is on the court with everyone. She’s going to go really far with her attitude and ability to play,” said sophomore Sierra Manship.
Although Cunningham does not plan on playing basketball after high school, she still wants to work hard and be the best she can.

Story by Kinley Block