Football Senior Smith


Senior Tyler Smith has been playing football since his fourth grade year. Smith wanted to play football because there is nothing else he could participate in where he can hit someone and not get in trouble for it. For Smith, it’s also a lot of fun to be with friends and win.
“I have improved over the years by lifting weights every summer. I put on some weight to make me stronger, but I have also gotten faster over the time, too. I came in my freshman year weighing in at 175, and my senior year I weighed in at 210. There are some improvements in my weight so I wouldn’t be too little to run the ball at the fullback position,” said Smith.
This year, Smith had three goals he hoped to achieve. The first goal was to win the Orange Bowl, which the team did. Another goal was to win PLAC, and they succeeded. His last goal was to win Sectional. The team made it to the last round of Sectional, but, unfortunately, did not succeed.
Coach England in youth, coach Adam Stroud in junior high and former varsity head coach Brian Balsmeyer helped Smith become the player he is today.
“Tyler is a very talented football player and a great kid. He has started playing for us for four years now. The way he runs the ball inside makes everyone around him a better player. His athleticism makes him very difficult to block,” said varsity football coach Jeremy Lowery.
Smith was a great asset to the football program at Paoli and would like to play football in college, but is unsure of where right now.

Story by Haley Owens