Choir Members Proceed to State Competition


The Regional Solo and Ensemble for the Paoli High School choir was January 27 at Bloomington High School North. There were many schools present, which were all split into five Groups (V, IV, III, II, I), which range from least difficult to most difficult.

“If a student enters into Group I, they are judged more harshly on their technique than someone who enters at Group IV. The awards given are for Participation, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Everyone received a medal this year,” said choir teacher Lora Anderson.

Each participant performed one song. In Group III, Chandler Hinton and Cailah Nikkila both received a Gold rating for their performance. Stevan Butler received a Bronze rating in Group II. Kaylee White competed in Group II and received a Silver rating. In Group I, Travis Mefford, Tori Gwyn, and Ryleigh Anderson all received a Silver rating. Keegan Anderson and Atley Cook received a Gold rating in Group I, so they will be moving on to State.

“I was highly impressed with the talent brought to the table. Not only did they work for their scores, but they sang individually in front of men and women who are complete strangers to them. Solo and Ensemble is challenging because it focuses the singer on their voice, not just how their voice sounds in a choir. Choral-singing and Solo-singing are completely different animals. The same concepts are used, but there is no one to hide behind. You have to be confident. You have to know your part inside and out. You have to memorize and sustain and perform, it’s more than just standing and singing. I am proud of their accomplishments. The level of professionalism being shown by my students encourages me to continue to teach with the enthusiasm they deserve,” said Anderson.

Anderson and Cook will be performing in the State Solo and Ensemble at Perry Meridian High School on February 17.

“I’m nervous but so excited Keegan and I get to go on to State together, and I’m so thankful for Mrs. Anderson. She’s giving us these opportunities and taking time out of her day to help us rehearse or even just to give us a pep talk. All in all, it’s been a great experience, and I can’t wait for State,” said Cook.


Story by Gracie Walls