Supermileage Team Prepares for Race


The supermileage team has been busy preparing for an upcoming race in April. The race will be held at Lucas Oil Raceway, and the date will be announced soon. Normally, the team places second or third in their division, which is something they are proud of. They are putting a lot of time and work into preparing their car and are excited for April.

The race is held by Engineering Technology Educators of Indiana.

In past years, we have been satisfied with our results. The newest car we are working on is a gas powered Urban concept class car. Urban concept means it is built to look like a realistic car,” said junior Jacob McDonald, a member of the supermileage team.

The spring is when the Supermileage team’s hard work pays off, and they are looking forward to racing the new car for the first time ever this spring.


Story by Kaden Lewellyn