Senior Chaz Becht Reflects on Wrestling Season


Many senior athletes have participated in their sport for years. However, for senior Chaz Becht, wrestling is still new territory for him.

Becht started wrestling his junior year and has spent his senior year continuing to learn new things about the sport each time he went on the mat.

“Learning new things about the sport makes it fun because there are always things I can do better,” said Becht.

One would assume most athletes join a sport due to an interest in it. For Becht, he originally joined to save the program. The team had very few members, so Becht joined to keep the wrestling program going and to introduce himself to something he had never done before.

Many people see mistakes in a sport, but Becht sees wrestling as a sport that only accounts for yourself. If you mess up, it is on you. By using this mindset, Becht has bettered himself and others around him in the wrestling program.

“My favorite part about wrestling is that it is an individual sport, which means if I lose a match, I can’t blame anyone but myself. That is what pushed me to do better than the last match,” said Becht.

Wrestling is not very popular among a lot of schools, especially smaller ones such as PHS. The development of popularity around the school is something that is vital for seasons to come. Having some sort of fan base for any sport is a necessity, and Becht wants that more than anything for the wrestling program.

Wrestling may not be Becht’s most experienced sport he is involved in, but it does not lessen the amount of heart he puts into competition.


Story by Jace Ingle