Senior Noah Weiss Believes in the Possibilities


A yearbook is one of those projects that takes an entire year to create, and everyone has to have a copy. People keep their high school yearbooks long after they have finished playing sports or performing in plays, and being the person in charge of that book is a great honor.

After being in media teacher Heather Nichols’ classes since the eighth grade, senior Noah Weiss earned the position of editor-in-chief of the 2018 Hillcrest yearbook.

Starting off as a designer, Weiss has been striving to earn the editor-in-chief position to create the book of his dreams.

“It’s such a big achievement for me. It’s what I’ve always wanted,” said Weiss.

Having such a big responsibility of being the “EIC,” Weiss has worked out his schedule to be in a media class five times a day.

“I have to work all day every day, so having her five class periods is a big help. It makes it easier to make sure everything is done on time,” said Weiss.

Weiss has everything on track right now and is confident in the book he is putting together.

“We haven’t missed a deadline yet, which is rare in the world of yearbook, so I’m very proud of my staff. Our theme is ‘Believe in the Possibilities,’ and it is coming together beautifully,” said Weiss.

He has a staff full of photographers, designers and writers who help pull everything together to create a book which will go to contest next year.

“After getting our finished product, we send the book off to contest and then go to events where we often win awards,” said Weiss.

As more deadlines approach, the book continues to flourish, and all members of the staff are remembering to believe in the possibilities.

After high school, Weiss hopes to use his experience working on the yearbook to attend IUPUI and earn a degree in a graphic design or marketing-related field.

“This experience has been eye-opening, and I am so excited to see where a design career could take me. Doing this job has been both challenging and fun, and I will always cherish this book,” said Weiss.


Story by Kennedy Embry