Musicians Plan Summer Trip to Europe


On June 15, 2018, a major trip will be underway for some very talented students. Those students will be going on a trip for just over three weeks to different countries throughout Europe.

This trip was founded by Dr. Joe Scagnoli in 1996 and occurs every two years. Two summers ago, the following students from PHS went on this trip: former PHS student McKinley Haley, former PHS student Caleb Baumgardner and senior Livia Sullivan. This year, a new group of students are about to prepare for this trip, junior Breanna Ward and sophomores Jacob Tapp and Rheanna Jones.

During the trip, the students will get to go to a variety of different places and experience things they never have before. They will first go to London, England for three days and Paris, France for three days. Then, they will travel to Crans-Montana, Switzerland and stay there for three days, where they will make a one day trip to The Matterhorn. Next will be a three day stay in Seefeld and Innsbruck, Austria with a one day trip to Venice, Italy. Finally, they will stay three days in Rotenburg, Germany.

“When we leave London, the Colorado Ambassadors land there.  When we leave Paris, Colorado moves to Paris and Wisconsin’s Ambassadors land in London etc. It kind of works like a factory line,” said band director Bill Laughlin.

In their free time, students will have a variety of different things they will be able to do. They can go on their own little adventures of the city, but they may also take guided tours of special parts. They can also try out new restaurants and get to enjoy the flavors that city has to offer.

“There’s going to be free time everyday for us to explore and eat lunch.  We also go on tours almost everyday of the city that we are in for that day,” said junior Breanna Ward.

With a trip like this, a lot goes into the selection of the students. For one, students must be mature enough to travel, able to play a solo at Solo and Ensemble and must have a good standing in their music program. The students also have to be recommended by their band director. Then, once the nominations reach the staff of IAM, Indiana Ambassadors of Music, a letter of congratulations is sent to those who have been nominated. In that letter, there is an invite to a local meeting that explains the trip and provides the paperwork necessary to go on the trip. Then, a deposit and monthly payments go towards paying for the trip.

In May 2018, students will attend a one day workshop at Ball State University, where they will receive and practice their music and take measurements for their performance shirts and jackets. Then, in June, students will return to Ball State to meet for three days to prepare their concert and pack instruments and equipment. They will then head out for London on June 18, 2018.


Story by Michael Hannon