Class of 2024 Takes First Steps


A new school year is approaching quickly, and guidance counselor Brandi Kerley is preparing the upcoming seventh grade students for their fresh start in junior high. Sixth grade orientation will begin the week of April 2, right after spring break.

“I hope the sixth graders have a good time learning about junior high, and I hope their visit relieves any fears or concerns they might have about transitioning to seventh grade. I want them to feel more comfortable and confident after attending orientation. I also hope our seventh grade leaders enjoy being in a mentor role for the sixth grade students,” said Kerley.

Kerley plans on running orientation the same way she always has, having the current seventh grade students show the sixth graders around, eat lunch with them in the high school cafeteria, introduce them to their new teachers and continue to update any new rules, policies or classes.

“I always look forward to sixth grade orientation! It’s fun to work with students on the next step of their education,” said Kerley.


Story by Gracie Walls