180 Students Prepare for Annual Speech Contest


This year, the English department continues the tradition of putting on the Speech Contest. This year, the speech contest is Wednesday, April 11 from 8:15 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. This year, approximately 180 students will be participating. Judges come in and score all students on their speeches. These judges are chosen by one of the speech classes and are asked to give their time to help.

When it comes to placing participants, each student will be given a ribbon depending on their average score. Averages of 90 or better will receive a first place ribbon, 80-89 point average receives second, 70-79 points will get a third place and 60-69 will receive a fourth place ribbon. Anyone lower than any of these will receive a participation ribbon. The winner from each category receives a public speaking pennant and has the opportunity to perform at the awards ceremony. The Grand Champion will be given a trophy.

“Students often fuss about having to participate, but it is one of those activities we love to talk about. Public speaking is an essential skill in life which many students underestimate,” said speech teacher Carol Fullington.

Make sure to encourage PHS students participating in the speech contest this week.


Story by Avery Owens