Herff Jones to Meet with Freshmen and Seniors

Herff Jones to Meet with Freshmen and Seniors

On Wednesday, September 19, there will be a meeting with the Herff Jones representative to discuss information for all seniors and freshmen.

The meeting for all seniors will begin at 8:15 on September 19 morning in the auditorium. All students will receive an envelope that contains the order form for their cap and gown, graduation announcements and senior memorabilia. The envelope will also include a catalog with information about ordering sweatshirts, t shirts, jewelry and other accessories.

“It is extremely important for all seniors to attend the meeting because they need to be informed on what is due, how much is due and when it will be due so they can walk at graduation,” said senior class sponsor Carol Fullington.

The Herff Jones representative will be back on Tuesday, September 25 to gather all order forms from the senior class. Along with that, they will share any important announcements.

The freshman class will be meeting in the auditorium at 9:15 on Wednesday morning. The meeting will cover all information needed to order class rings. Each class officer will model the rings to the rest of the class and encourage those who want to order a ring to attend the parent night on September 25.

Important information will be given to the students at both meetings. The staff and administration encourages all students in grades 9 and 12 to attend.


Story by Madison Street