Magner Learns Life Lessons from Tennis


Senior Noah Magner has been playing tennis since he joined the junior high team in sixth grade. He was introduced to tennis as child through playing with his dad, and this experience influenced him to join the sport when he was old enough to play on the school team.

Since his freshman year, Magner has been on the varsity team and played in the number three singles position. Throughout his time in tennis, Magner believes his team has been the biggest reason behind his improvements. However, he is also proud of how much they have achieved together.

“My biggest accomplishment in tennis really isn’t an individual thing but more of how we have grown as an entire team over the years,” said Magner.

For Magner, the tennis team is closer to being a family than just teammates. His favorite part after every game was the time he got to spend with his team.

“When it comes to tennis, we have made so many memories, but I would say my favorite memories usually come from when we all go out to eat after each match,” said Magner.

Magner’s greatest moments come from when he gets to see that his team has improved or won a victory.

“My favorite part is the feeling you get when all of the different positions win with a 5-0 victory,” said Magner.

Not only have his teammates helped him grow, but so has his coach. Head coach Jim O’Connell is well known in Orange County for actively helping with the food pantry and volunteering in the community.

“Coach O has taught us to not only be humble on the court but to also go out and help our community,” said Magner.

Magner does not plan on playing tennis on a college team instead intends to focus on his schooling and future. However, he will miss the team he has now.

“I did not realize how fast it actually goes until my last full regular season week,” said Magner.

Magner recommends that students wanting to play check it out.

“It really is a fun time with enjoyable coaches,” said Magner.


Story by Rebekah Reeves